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Originally Posted by size_of_light View Post
Is it possible there's a combination of real footage (whether on the Moon or in some different gravity environment) and also faked terrestrial footage?
Not really.

Truegroup, is there anything at all about the Apollo missions you personally find dubious or suspicious, or do you find the official NASA story 100% reliable and trustworthy?
Not one thing is iffy. I struggle to understand how anyone could think such a massive and totally consistent thing could be faked.

There are enough crazy hoax threads on this forum.....this isn't one of them. I want the explanations for my I always give for the hoax crap.

I've only looked at the first vid in the OP and am wondering if all those calculations are dependant on the soil type to reach an accurate conclusion.

Could a wind machine (hell, I dunno, even fake metallic soil particles and a powerful off-screen magnet) theoretically account for the allegedly impossible terrestrial speed of the kicked up dirt?
Kind of desperate and unfeasible. No, I can't even imagine why let alone how. I mean 6 missions each one longer and more evidence than the last?

Watch them all. None explainable except that they are on the Moon. I can provide untold examples more of this. Not one person has explained any of it.
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