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Originally Posted by st jimmy View Post
There you go again!!!
Not understanding what I wrote...
Fuck my old boots Jimmy, you and making sense are not great pardners You talk so much bollocks it's rare you break through to even reasonable

If these videos were so damn important, they would have saved the lot on the moon and took the tapes back to earth!
THE WHOLE POINT....DUHHHHH!!! They weren't important and it was ONLY APOLLO 11. They had all the tapes in other formats.

Of course it's much easier to do special effects when the visual quality is much lower.
What a load of shit. It was a fixed camera with hardly any activity. Show the speshul effex

But the transmission argument is just as ridiculous as just about all the gibberish you post...
What transmission argument? Every single minute was transmitted and apart from Apollo 11 which had to be converted seconds before transmission, EVERY transmission was broadcast live.

"In the triumph of the day, no one at the tracking stations considered these differences and certainly the public was unaware. The engineers boxed the one-inch telemetry tapes wound onto 14-inch canister reels-which served no other purpose than to provide backup if the live relay failed-and shipped them to the Goddard Space Flight Center. From there, the tapes were sent to the Washington National Records Center (WRNC) in Suitland, Md."

Can you read? EXACTLY as I said.

Note to all people reading this thread. Not ONE of these pathetic HBs has responded to a single thing posted in the OP or either of the follow ups. Even the follow up points to their off topic shite are being ignored.

We went, landed 6 times. The evidence says so and not one of these people has the balls to debate the evidence provided. NOT ONE!
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