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I just see what WILL happen. I do it all the time. I can tell hubby if someone is going to slam on the brakes in front of him, how a business deal will turn out, all kinds of stuff. It's like I "reach" for it but instead of remembering backwards with memory I remember forwards. It's as if those things have already happened and usually I can SEE the results in my head like a memory. like to see if a huge business deal is going to go through or not I remember "forward" to when my husband comes into the house after the deal is done or gone bad, I can tell by the look on his face which it is. It's like I can pull experiences from either direction.
I have rarely been wrong, only once on a big thing. I know it has to do with probabilities when you start predicting but this isn't like feeling ahead, it's like a memory but forward. I don't always have them, but many times when I reach for them about something they are there.
Even the little things, like if a friend will be late for a lunch date I know to bring a book to read.
I think everyone can do it I just think we are taught we can't so we don't ever try.
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