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Originally Posted by simonlove View Post
If there is no global warming then how come the polar caps are melting? Also, why would 'the illuminati, big brother, etc etc create a global warming conspiracy when I would've thought it would be in their interests to deny man made global warming completely?

Also, if one denies that man made greenhouse gases cause global warming, this creates the dangerous idea that large scale pollution is acceptable and OK which it's not. Apart from the issue of whether or not man is responsible for climate change, would these same people deny that industrialized society on a such a massive scale had any significant environmental impact whatsoever?

No, this is a bullshit argument. Whether or not global warming is caused my man is ultimately a smokescreen. When you look at all the terrible damage that industrialized society has caused the environment, there's just no way these people can go around saying all this shit about how man is not responsible for global warming. Whether or not man is responsible for global warming is not the issue. Man is definitely responsible for all sorts of catastrophic damage to the natural world. The marine and terrestial environments take a terrible battering every minute and then these people have the gaul to sit there and deny that man is responsible for global warming. They're not global warming skeptics. What they are is grossly irresponsible!!!
Simon - although we share the same name we differ completely - arrrgh people like you make me sick to the bottom of my very stomach!!

So man is raping the planet? whats new?? its been going on since mankind came here

Can you hear yourself? man made global warming is the damn issue you fool!!! - i dont think you would find a single person who didnt agree that we should recycle and be more enviro friendly - but LYING to us - MAKING out that the earth is on its last legs, that were all doomed etc is KILLING INNOCENT POOR PEOPLE!!!!

WHY? COS CURRENTLY 1/3 OF US AGRICULTURE HAS BEEN TURNED OVER TO MAKE BIO-FUELS - CAUSING A DOUBLING YES A DOUBLING IN THE PRICE OF FOOD IN THE WORLD - yes were ok here in the western world - but in africa, india etc already millions have died.

co2 and man made global warming is a fraud - and you idiot are buying into it - what it actually is - is a EUGENICS DEPOPULATION PROGRAMME

So simonlove - what have YOU done?? bet you drive? bet you shop in supermarkets bet you dont recycle 100% and bet you dont leave ur heating off in winter do you?? god you think you are a good person, who should JUDGE other people???

let him who is without sin, cast the first stone

simonlove - i think you shud keep ur big idiot gob shut!
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