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Originally Posted by dconrad000 View Post
I am happy that you liked the interview, Hunkahunka...and I appreciate your efforts to increase its exposure.

Thanks for letting me know of this posting, so that I could have the opportunity to add some comments.

I do believe that it -- along with the documentation that accompanies it -- could be used as an effective tool, for people to quickly and soundly convince any truth-seeking non-believer, regarding the reality with respect to vaccinations.

Through years of personal experience, I know first-hand how difficult it can be to convince people on this particular subject matter -- but this should convince any sincere truth seeker...and if this does not do the trick -- the person simply does not want to know the truth -- because to do so would most probably mean the shattering of a belief system that is convenient to a comfortable lifestyle -- which is somehow either directly, or indirectly -- related to Big Pharma; Government; the education system; main-stream media -- or the traditional medical establishment...or perhaps it is a person simply lacking the backbone to swim against prevailing main-stream perception.

Anyone falling outside those categories, on the other hand -- I would dare say, will be quickly and soundly convinced by the interview and accompanying documentation -- if they have a half-ways functioning brain in their head -- and a conscience to accompany it.
For anyone not aware, the above post is from Dr. Conrad, the man who was interviewed in the above video.
Dr. Conrad , you are both knowledgeable and able to articulate that knowledge so well that the average person will understand what you are saying very clearly.
I hope that you will be interviewed on Radio Liberty one day by Dr. Stan Monteith.
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