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Be a little bit Socratic. At his trial, Socrates said: 'The un-examined life is not worth living.' To go through life without questioning oneself or questioning your cultural assumptions is a crying shame and only leads to more suffering.

We adopt certain ideas and thought patterns uncritically when we are young and naive. These then become ingrained habits that we take for granted as being true or common sense.

So the examined life is about looking at these habits and assumptions; it's about admitting that you are quite ignorant regarding yourself and the world around you. When you realise how little you know, you can re-examine things in a fresh, non-biased light.

Look at your perceptions, look at everything in your mind, look at all your beliefs and the beliefs that other people hold. Question the assumptions: What is love? Do I really know? What is friendship? What really makes me happy? What am I really about? Do I buy these things because I really need them? What is the best way to organise society? What is authority? etc. etc. etc.
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