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I chuckled to myself tonight. I picked up a few videos today and one was called 'relic'
The creature was reptilian and had to eat peoples' hypothalamus as it contains lots of hormones and hormones create emotions

We also have 'Dragonheart, a New Beginning' and at the end the priest shape-shifts into a splendid dragon, lol

I do have a few nggles about the series, in the first II (eleven, my one doesn't work) or so the narrator talks way too fast. I lay down to watch them last night and my thoughts were trying to get through and then he goes on to something else. Plus some of the effects did my head in.

Good post fairyelfdog, gets the old head working. I felt intrigued when the woman from scientology said one of their tasks was to stare at a person for an hour and she could see face changes, could be the eyes getting tired, could be something else...
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