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Page 1-Truth satellite

It should be clear by now to anyone who pays attention that the government does not carry out the will of the people. It could be fair to say then that we must not rely on the government to bring about positive change.

It’s my belief that positive change will come from grass roots activism carried out by informed and determined citizens who have realised that their combined effort has power.

This activism can take many forms and different people will inevitably want to participate in different forms of activism.

For fun here is a clip that was posted on the headlines section of this website to show how momentum can build behind an initial idea

Ok so that example was tongue in cheek but nevertheless it illustrates a point. In this post I’d like to encourage a form of online activism. This involves being a ‘truth satellite’ which essentially involves taking truth from a source and then spreading it across the internet. This website has a ‘headlines’ section which provides excellent information, articles and video clips daily. Those articles, clips and info can be shared around the internet in forums, chat rooms and comments pages.

DI headlines

The idea here is to plant seeds in peoples’ minds which will help them over time to see through the false narratives presented to them in the mainstream media. This could require joining a forum of your choice which then becomes the planet around which you, the truth satellite, navigates beaming down truth to the people there. Equally a blog or the comments page of a newspaper might serve the same purpose

This then helps more people to see through the lies which then helps create an awakened and aware public who are then your potential allies in the struggle against oppression.

This doesn’t require much time per day. Less time could be spent on mainstream media and more on the headlines of this website. Then 15 minutes a day could be spent posting up information that you have carefully chosen onto your forum, blog or comments page of choice.

By doing this we ALL then contribute to the awakening. Be gentle and respectful with people who haven’t yet learned the truth because they might not like what they hear but be firm, consistent and determined. This is a solution that anyone can participate in and it could begin today.
when the people in power want you dead, just existing is a revolutionary act
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