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Originally Posted by luciferhorus View Post
In some ways I suppose that it is understandable that many persons raised since birth in the Capitalist system, with a lifelong barragement of media advertising telling them that one soap powder is better than another would end up as "Capitalists" defending their system; this is perhaps what we would expect from those who are Capitalism's "lost souls" but we would expect much more from those who appear to be idealists, philosophers and highly educated and literate persons; and indeed what we do find is that is usually among intellectuals and academics that the anti-Capitalist "left" has it's ideological breeding ground. Personally I found that it was when I was at university that I was constantly barraged with anti-Capitalist rehtoric; after all that is often what an education does, it is turns a person into a critical thinker who analyses the economic problems of the world and proposes solutions, pinpoints enemies etc.

Unfortunately two very similar ideologies which have emerged, Libertarianism and Anarcho-Capitalism, while very "liberal" sounding are in fact "far-Rightist" ideologies of Capitalist extremism.

I have deabated these issues over the years on Anarcho-Capitalist discussion groups and I have given on the main Anarcho-Capitalist discussion group on myspace as the discussions just go around and around in circles with the same points being debated.

Ultimately Libertarians want a small government with little interference and virtually unfettered laissez faire (anything goes) Capitalism; it is little more than a recipie for gangster Capitalism, whereas Anarcho-Capitalism is even more extreme than this where it is proposed that there would be no government at all and pure laissez faire Capitalism where the "police" would simply be employees of corporations; it is very much like just letting the mafia, corporations and the organised criminals run the police and the military.

The "socialist" state Capitalist model where all persons are ensured food, health care, housing and where all corporations, industries and banks are nationalised is the common alternative model, however the failures in the Communist experiments of the 20th century and the tendency for such regimes to turn into Orwellian police state nightmares certainly make disturbing historical reading which hopefully future socialist experiments will learn from, however this is a model which would clearly benefit the poorest nations on earth, particularly Africa and also Latin America where the Cuban model is considered more of an ideal than the more repressive Stalinist Soviet model.

Ultimately government is often a very dangerous thing and Socialist experiments often turn into Orwellian nightmares, which is why I tend to find the Anarchist models of Communism less dangerous, though we will to wait for a the future world for large scale Anarchist experiments.

Ultimately agricultural and technological collectivism of the more idealistic Israeli and Cuban models, is I believe the only hope for the creation of economic heaven on earth, however I am rather loath to support any form of large government due to the many failed experiments of the past.

We live in an age where nuclear war is almost inevitable and future wars will most likely be guerrilla wars, fought from anonimity "against" tyrannies (governments) rather than between governments. It looks like it is set to be an age of terror where the greatest nations on earth will be brought down not by large standing armies, but by the application of physics.

Yes, that would be the normal development towards an anti-capitalist view for those who do any study or research; regardless of being born under capitalism. You don't even need to go too deep to reach the conclusion capitalism is solely responsible for empowering the economic elite to enslaving every human being. But that's not what's happening on this forum...

I've been trying to figure out why; why are these people caught on the idea that capitalism is good and communism is bad, when they can see evidences of the contrary everywhere. And the answer is very simple: the leading “researchers” are putting those thoughts on these people's minds; they are dismissing all the evidences against capitalism and imperialism, and exaggerating and making up claims against communism; to the point of saying that the elite are covert communists that really what world communism.

It's just madness... and it basically comes down to a simple flawed logic: if it's bad, it must be something to do with communism. And people fall for it... and why not; don't they fall for the reptilians and the moon matrix?

I'm starting to think that the anti-NWO movement is nothing more than a way to get people back into capitalism and put them again on the right anti-communist track.

The anti-NWO movement is actually resurrecting two ideas that were already disregarded as flawed by all political activists, and actually anyone with common sense: capitalism and nationalism. And it’s no coincidence that all these researchers are both: capitalists and nationalists.

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