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Originally Posted by nosebleed View Post
Yeah well if the bankers created all these movements why not just take the bits they liked out of one , and ditch other bits , i personally think the NWO is a combination of - Communism , Fascism , Socialism , or any other ism , and they dont give a shit as long as they are at the top.

Why does it have to be one or the other ?
Because all these variations on a theme are intended to do one thing; strip individuals of their equal unalienable rights, completely erase liberty and place all power in the hands of an all-encompassing state.

The "isms" are meaningless labels at the end of the day. You can only ever have two actual government systems - totalitarian oligarchies (which includes dictatorships, democracies and monarchies), or free republics. And republics have been historically short-lived due to the general tendency of human beings to forget the lessons of history, and be apathetic towards politics and power. Oligarchy in one form or another has been the typical system of government that the human race has suffered under for thousands of years.
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