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South africa was exploited because it was mineral rich

The east india company and the dutch east india company were both involved in that process and they were effectively privateers which is to say they were pirates who operated with a licence from the governments of the countries they were based in

The east india company was financed by powerful dynastic families like the rothschilds

The rothschilds financed a british freemason called cecil rhodes whose name was later given to the country 'rhodesia' which is now called zimbabwe. They financed him to go into south africa and mine for diamonds and he exploited native labour in terrible conditions to do that which is why some diamonds are called 'blood diamonds' because of the price paid in blood by native africans for their extraction and trade

The rothschilds also created israel and israel is now the global centre for the diamond trade

Cecil rhodes was involved in sparking the boer war which then saw the british crown (also financed by the rothschilds) to come in and lock up the boer farmers families in concentration camps until they surrendered so that cecil rhodes could exploit diamonds and gold and other resources on boer held land

The boers were dutch settlers who drove pastoralist africans off their native lands 400 years ago in order to settle and farm the land. Today other africans have moved into those lands and are now violently driving the boer farmers off that land so the cycle is continuing even after hundreds of years

When he died cecil rhodes left his vast fortune in his will to be used to create a 'roundtable group' that was to work in the interests of the powerful bloodline families that controlled the british empire and the central banking system

That roundtable has many offshoot organisations today for example the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) in the US and the Royal Institute for International Affairs (chatham house) in the UK which demonstrates that the roundtable network has power and influence on both sides of the atlantic

Some people collectively call them 'the anglo-american' empire but i don't think that is accurate because the powerful freemasonic families that make up the roundtable group came into britain in 1066 and conquered the angles

Those families were a mix of norse who had settle in frankish france and also jewish families who all intermarried with each other. They passed down the QABALISTIC rituals of freemasonry, over the centuries, in their families and maintained a cohesive business network that spanned many countries
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