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Originally Posted by bennett211085 View Post
No mention of the Gorebridge base in Scotland.

About 8 months ago I started researching what was supposedly going on up there. I decided that I wanted to walk up the entrance of the water filtration plant (base entrance) with a camera in the day. Me and my friend were sat in his living room talking about going up the next day, and I had only spoken to him about it. He asked me if he could use my phone to call his girlfriend saying he was going out tomorrow. As I passed him the phone he passed it back saying I had a call incoming, it was blocked.

I answered it and all I could hear at first for a few seconds was static underwater thumping sounds, I kept saying "hello, hello". Then a voice came in saying, "do not come here, do not open that door, you are in danger, do not come here." and it hung up. I looked at my friend and said, "we are not going mate" he was scared by the look on my face asking why when at that moment it rang again. I intently answered and this time put it on speaker phone so he heard too. It said the same things again in a different order pausing for a minute whilst I was hurling abuse at it out of shock.

It was very threatening and we are convinced that they were listening to us during the conversation before calling to warn us off. It worked. Something is going on up there, and iPhones are fucking dangerous shit.

Where about is this base ? I am curious and want to visit it. What do you think they do there?
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