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Originally Posted by oz93666 View Post
Security guard in a library?!!.... Is an attack expected from ISIS, or is it to prevent knife fights between the readers? You need to raise hell about this waste of public money ....acclimatizing people to getting searched!

He's pulling your leg.
Curator pal of mine came up to see me last week (he works in the art galleries) telling me how there's a state of daily near paranoia now with all museum and art gallery staff and on the London Underground, with ongoing security drills, new safety spot and search methods, meticulous searching of gallery visitors etc.

So for example, you get some old granny who's just bought her new set of kitchen knives from John Lewis, then fancies a browse round the art gallery to look at a few paintings and av a nice cuppa. She's stopped, detained, questioned, bag confiscated, then followed round the building just in case...

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