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Default A Real Encounter ?

The security guard in our local library, with whom I am well acquainted, is a dyed in the cloth Ickeist, crop circle experiencer, missing time experiencer. Icke gig attendeee and an articulate expounder of the holographic universe. We often have discussions on the subject on my way in or out. Quite refreshing to meet an 'authority' figure who fervently thinks on those lines.

The guard keeps changing shifts here, so one minute it's him then the next it's someone else. Different other bloke entirely. When I said hello to him just now and raised this he said they're ALL him, just different morphings he goes through during the day via holographic projection. Now, ordinarily I'd accept that as a bit of light hearted banter, a jolly jape, a pithy prank, a casual quip. But given his mindset, is he actually, I wonder, in this instance, telling me the truth ?

Is this indeed the holographic universe itself exposing itself via humour within the projected machinations of a municipal complex?


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