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Hi Everyone,
I watched the vid yesterday. I am a Brit who lives in the USA ( my children are here). Reading through the blogs someone asked if there were any opposing organizations outside the UK. It is my guess that although there are knowlegeable people everywhere that know what is happening... the formation of the New World Order, none really have the power to change this course the very evil Elite have put us on.
That the citizens of the UK have said 'NO" to joining the EU has produced this perverse 5th colume entity 'Common Purpose". Like Mr. Gerrish said, the UK is being hollowed out for in the inside out and when he talks of murder, he means just that. It is the intent of the NWO to reduce world populaton by all and every means possible. From weakening our immune systems with RFID, feeding us substandard GM foods, wrecking the health care system, and at all levels destroying the fabric of society. It just goes on and on and they want us scared, compliant and less of us.
Here in the USA they have the camps and the trains equipped with shackles already in place. Only a total world but perhaps a country like the UK or the USA going on a indefinate General Strike might have an impact but how do you get everyone to do that .
That the Muslims have been indentified as the new enemy in the old divide and rule should be no surprise. 9/11 and 7/7 were inside jobs. The Uk has lost it's soul just like the USA, so when you talk about going out to play golf while Rome burns , in reality it is happening EVERYWHERE.
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