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Originally Posted by fudgetusk View Post
Wait a minute. Are you saying that what you said(above) is the same as what I said(below)

>>Icke wants us to chill out and laugh in the face of danger so that we don't provide yet more negative emotions for the elite to devour yet he also wants us to dream into being a better world, which must include us being angry at the way things are now.

Then why did you not write your opinion in the simple manner I did? That way more than 1% of the people reading it could benefit from it.
Originally Posted by fudgetusk View Post
I am seeing just as many paradoxes as you are and I can put it into simple terms. You just don't want to. You use words outside of their meaning like reduction. Oh don't try and drag me back into that argument. It's not like you'll even give me a proper answer.
Because you've barely even scratched the surface.

The people that know more about this stuff seem to understand me well enough. I'm not gonna dumb myself down for you.

It’s clear to me that you have not regularly experienced the perception of interacting with yourself. A few synchronicities here and there is not particularly deep. You appear to have not experienced the perception that you are talking to yourself, that all interaction comes from the same mind/consciousness, otherwise you would not see your individual self as superior, for the individual self is an illusion. The individual self is an aspect of the whole. Yes we may argue, but that’s only within perceptions of duality. And yes, I am percieving duality as I write this, otherwise I would not be writing it. However, I have experienced the truth of oneself, which you appear to have not. So, every time you berate someone you are berating an aspect of yourself which has either yet to be realised, or in my case have gone back to clarify (or whatever it is I’m doing). Just as long as you know. Understanding it is different to knowing it though. “The more you know the less you understand”.


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