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I just finished watching this. It's a good compilation of raw information, yet lacks a solid context in many places. I understand this was largely the intention of the filmmakers, however. The first several parts are by far the most important. I was wondering if there's any way to contact them directly?

Originally Posted by trappedinameatsuit View Post
I'm not talking about snakes and alligators.
Sure you are, in a way. Reptilians are still reptiles. Humans are still mammals. The biological reaction is universal. It's easy to see why Reptilians are feared and vilified by humans when you take this into account.
"There are very probably alien civilizations that are superhuman, to the point of being god-like in ways that exceed anything a theologian could possibly imagine.
Their technical achievements would seem as supernatural to us as ours would seem to a Dark Age peasant transported to the twenty-first century"

- Richard Dawkins
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