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Originally Posted by spoons View Post
The more I look into this the more convinced I am that whether or not we can do - well anything, really - depends on our energy levels more than anything else, and we're most of us being vampirised/drained one way or another and when you're low in energy, you're prety much subject to the will or even just the opinions of others. Indeed you may well become what others think you are.
this is what i see happen to people. most people. they dont even notice.

now, i dont know about being vamperized or drained. maybe i would say literally drained by the way you have to live here in this society or maybe they just lack will from being in this society...same thing...but the point is no matter what the mechanism is, thats what happens to people. they become what they perceive they are supposed to be instead of just freely being themselves.
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