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Armstrong Born 26 November 1810..
Admiral Jackie Fisher, First Sea Lord of the Royal Navy, was influential in the shift toward faster integration of technology into military usage, resulting in strengthening relationships between the military, and innovative private companies..A noteworthy industrialist in the development of large private defense firms, was William ( born in Newcastle upon Tyne, at 9 Pleasant Row, Shieldfield, about a mile from the city centre)-Armstrong who founded the Elswick Ordnance Company (Died 27 December 1900 (aged 90) Rothbury) Defunct 1927, which embarked on a massive rearmament program for the British Army after the Crimean War in the 1860s..first scientist – to join the House of Lords.. In 1884 he opened a shipyard at Elswick that specialised in warship production.. It was the only factory in the world that could build a battleship and arm it completely..Other noteworthy industrialists involved in the expanding arms industry of the time included Alfred Krupp, Samuel Colt, Alfred Nobel, and Joseph Whitworth... glad am I to find your faith so well founded: relying on such sure support you may safely rise and follow your leader..take notice that Mr. Lawrence is about to pass in view before them...

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