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Arrow Lockheed

Cremated, ashes scattered..

Fate Merged with Martin Marietta..
The Lockheed Corporation (originally the Loughead Aircraft Manufacturing Company) was an American aerospace company..The Alco Hydro-Aeroplane Company was established in San Francisco in 1912 by the brothers Allan and Malcolm Loughead.. In 1916, the company was renamed and relocated to Santa Barbara, California, the same year Santa Barbara native Jack Northrop (aged 20) took his first job in aviation working as a draftsman for Loughead Aircraft..The Lockheed Model 14 formed the basis for the Hudson bomber, which was supplied to both the British Royal Air Force and the US military before and during World War II.. Its primary role was submarine hunting.. The Model 14 Super Electra were sold abroad, and more than 100 were license-built in Japan for use by the Imperial Japanese Army..

What's My Line Mary?..

Attack using the strength of another..Trick an ally into attacking him, bribe an official to turn traitor, or use the enemy's own strength against him.. The idea here is to cause damage to the enemy by getting a third party to do the deed..Create confusion and use this confusion to further your own goals..Borrow the resources of an ally to attack a common enemy.. Once the enemy is defeated, use those resources to turn on the ally that tentpeg you them in the first place...

At the beginning of World War II, Lockheed – under the guidance of Clarence (Kelly) Johnson, who is considered one of the best-known American aircraft designers – answered a specification for an interceptor by submitting the P-38 Lightning fighter aircraft, a twin-engined, twin-boom design.. The P-38 was responsible for shooting down more Japanese aircraft than any other U.S. Army Air Force type during the war; it is particularly famous for being the aircraft type that shot down Japanese Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto's airplane.. His father was Sadayoshi Takano (高野 貞吉), an intermediate-rank samurai of the Nagaoka Domain..The domain was ruled by the Makino clan for most of its history which originated in 16th-century Mikawa Province..Lockheed ranked 10th among US corporations in the value of wartime production contracts..Starting with the P-80, Lockheed's secret development work was conducted by its Advanced Development Division, more commonly known as the Skunk Works..In 1976, it was publicly revealed that Lockheed had paid $22 million in bribes to foreign officials in the process of negotiating the sale of aircraft including the F-104 Starfighter, the so-called Deal of the Century...'m sure you all know the story, how they found us..Little kids wandering around on the moors..Your sister was last seen in the vicinity of a ufo incident nearly 10 years ago...

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