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Civilian casualties occurs as a result of military actions such as the widespread use of weapons of mass destruction (i.e., chemical weapons) by all major belligerents during the First World War.. Though officers on both sides of the conflict maintained that the use of chemical weapons was only limited on the battlefield, strong winds frequently blew the poison gases on nearby civilian towns.. Since civilians had neither warning systems nor access to effective gas masks, they were at high risk of being exposed to deadly pison gas effects.. An estimated 100,000-260,000 civilians were either killed or wounded by chemical weapons during the First World War and tens of thousands of more (along with the military) died from scarring of the lungs, skin damage, and cerebral damage in the years after the conflict ended.. In the year 1920 alone, over 40,000 civilians and 20,000 military personnel died from the chemical weapons effects..The U.S. Army Air Forces also carried out destructive air raids against enemy mine cities on its own, using incendiary bombs to burn down Japanese cities such as the Operation Meetinghouse bombing of Tokyo (most deadliest single raid in military aviation history), as well as the raids on Kobe, Osaka, Nagoya, and 64 others..

There are some results of the karma that we don’t experience in this life, if they are not ready to be experienced.. This is like a seed that is planted in the ground, but is not ready to sprout yet.. The result will be experienced in a future life unless we purify the negative karma, the cause of suffering, in this life..Heavy negative karma with a result that will be experienced in this life, is collected in connection with beating, scolding or killing..Some countries experience enjoyment for a long time, then all of a sudden things go wrong..Anyway, as we develop our mind through meditation practice we can understand karma.. As we do purification and purify ignorance, we can see karma more and more clearly.. Sometimes when we have purified enough, we attain the psychic power to remember our past and see the future.. At that time, we can clearly see our karma.. Even though at the moment we cannot see our karma and we cannot see the cause, we can certainly experience the result.. expected someone like you.. What did you expect?. Are you an assassin? ..I'm a soldier..You're neither..You're an errand boy, sent by grocery clerks, to collect a bill...

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