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Smile The Offical David Icke Support Thread!


I think it's about time the man had a permanent sticky thread after all this is his offical forum!

It's about time we gathered our scattered energys and focused them on somthing possitive!

where people just send messages of support! & Thank's for anything David has givin them!

Ive heard he dose occasionly browse the forum, so if this be the only thread Mr Icke ever looks at then let it be a source of strength & Support for him!

So please take a min from posting on the boards and give the man some support! feel free to link other member to this thread too

Possitive Comments & Pics Are Welcome!

Osho Zen Tarot - Healing

Thank you Mr Icke, for all the work you have done because without it this forum wouldent exist!

i cant thank you enough for all the time ive spent in the forum chatroom
chatting! ive met lots of great people through the forum/chat, and i just want to thank you!


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