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Originally Posted by size_of_light View Post
Brian Cox....
"...we understand science very well"
So, this wave and particle thing....

Cox saying he understands science very well is like a chicken thinking that it understands the farmyard very well.

The chicken may have some tiny semblance of understanding it's own place in the farmyard, but that doesn't mean that it understands anything at all about cows, or milk or Christmas dinner.

If it understands anything, then, perhaps it understands the basic most aspects of the world around it that pertains to it, but that isn't understanding the farmyard well.

It just understands the bits it needs to, the bits that have been revealed to it.

But, does it ever ask: where does the corn come from?

i can understand sciences need to banish, or at least explain, the mish-mash concepts of God as given to us within literature - but that nature itself could be just a small part of this 'being' that we perceive as God, an aspect of a much greater whole that we choose to name, in order to know, can not really be part of 'science' - because it is something so large to 'know' - in and of itself.

That nature not only steers the planets, but that it created the planets, in much the same way as it created a seed that turned into a forest is wholly alien to a mind that seeks to find balance and order in the smallest things - when the balance and order of the universe, that is like a droplet in a vast ocean that eb's and flow' because of a balance too huge to be perceived - understanding 'science very well' in the face of what science actually is, is about as ironic as a chicken knowing that the egg came first.

Perhaps Cox, and his ilk can't understand consciousness because their minds are populated by numbers wanting to fit together, shaped by ways of making them fit together - when, ultimately, things either fit together, or they don't.

But, for a cog to move one way, it needs a cog to move the opposite way.

And while consciousness moves in one direction, it allows others to move in the opposite direction - that doesn't mean to say that either are wrong, or right, but that both make something happen - and they make it happen together

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