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Listen folks it's is highly likely that your leader in your own country, regardless of where you live, is also a deviant with some secret fetish or some secret craving, desire, routine or whatever you want to call it they are all likely to have this because it's how the few at the top keep control of those below them!

It's best to have a leader with some deviance because then you can use it against them for political favors, and so on. For example Bill Clinton when young was a known deviant and this is why they wanted him for their Rhodes Scholar! To set him up using his weakness that was by that time well known among the men of the WHIP and other Monarchs. These chaps wanted Bill because he was slated to be one of the governors. They, knowing this of course and of his deviance invite him to Oxford where they conveniently send in a coed they most certainly knew Bill would zero in on and sexually abuse. Sure enough and right on cue Bill could not help himself or keep his dick in his pants and the deed was done, the girl reported back, her and her family were paid an amount far in excess of anything they could have ever hoped to have earned and Bill was theirs!

Next thing you know young Billy is scared and needing help so of course the WHIP meets with him and offers him a deal! You consent to grant us political favors in the future after we set you up as one of our governors and oh yeah, you have to marry Hillary.
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