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Arrow Molly Maguires

Original Promotional poster..
Set in late 19th century Northeastern Pennsylvania, this social drama tells the story of an undercover detective sent to a coal mining community to expose a secret society of Irish-American miners battling exploitation at the hand of the owners..Led by Jack Kehoe, they plant dynamite to destroy plant shafts and equipment..Pinkerton Detective James McParland was employed to infiltrate the Mollies..Release date Wednesday under the sign of Aquarius..January 28, 1970..

The Irish Rovers, Lament For The Molly Maguires..

Moon Waning gibbous Visible: 71% Age: 21 - Taped at The Ryman Auditorium in Nashville..The Johnny Cash Show - Season 1, Episode 17 - William Courtland "Bill" Lantaff (July 31, 1913) was a Democratic politician from Florida..He appeared on a episode of the panel show What's My Line? as a contestant - Theater des Westens, Berlin, Germany The Who Setlist..I'm a Boy - Substitute - Happy Jack - My Generation - The 2 members of the Apollo 13 crew who planned to land on the Moon's Fra Mauro region in the lunar module underwent a walk-through of the extravehicular activity timeline - In Studio C at the BBC TV Centre - Watch The David Frost Show - Season 2, Episode 108 - "Earth, man, earth..Now I want to bring it down to earth..I want to go back to the blues, because that's what I am"..The Day Jimi Hendrix Played his Final Show With Band of Gypsys..Appearing on bill with 10 other acts before a sold-out house at Madison Square Garden, the occasion was a special benefit concert for the Vietnam Moratorium Committee - Beat Club, Bremen, Germany..Iron Butterfly Setlist - Easy Rider (Let the Wind Pay the Way) - Butterfly Bleu - Sikorsky HH-53B Super Jolly Shot down by MiG-21/AA-2 Atoll and exploded in Laos while attempting rescue of F-105 pilot..The Mig-21 was piloted by Vu Ngoc Dinh who then had 6 total kills - Rear Admiral Thomas John Ryan, Jr. (August 5,1901) was a career American naval officer who received the Medal of Honor, the United States' highest military decoration, for his actions while in Yokohama, Japan during the 1923 Great Kant earthquake - The number 1 song in the US was I Want You Back by The Jackson 5 - Elvis on stage at the Las Vegas Hilton - The name Hoa Lo, commonly translated as "fiery furnace" or even "Hell's hole", also means "stove"..

Harris, Connery & Zerbe - The Molly Maguires..

The opening sequence of The Molly Maguires runs 14 minutes and 51 seconds, through three Henry Mancini scores, before the first word of dialogue is spoken..A wooden coal breaker featured heavily in the film was built as a prop.. It has received little or no maintenance over the years and, even though it has been called a tinderbox, it stands today, more than 40 years later..Portions of the film were also shot in Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania..., what the hell! Man I was watching that!..That dude's my brother!.Yeah and I'm your Irish uncle..You know the old song?.If you were the only girl in the world, and I was the only boy, well, okay, but until then, don't bother me?.Well, I guess I'm the only boy..I will never let anyone get in the way of my feelings for you, ever again...

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