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We know that both the Nazis and the higher, 'red' degrees, of freemasonry and 'Shriners' are Luciferians. It is fairly well know that although there are perceived battles between the 'protestant' masons and the RC Church, such is just an illusion. Look closely and see the so called 'illumanti' symbology within and outwith the Vatican - but also their ritual worships Lucifer.

WWII was an esoteric war on dark magik, it was literally a war of good against evil.

Although tptb are pushing for a OWO, Rex Mundi still wants chaos, humankind in his image.

Look at the run up to the UK general election, Scottish masons (Stewart, Sinclair and thus Templar and before that Scoti - Amenhotep IV/Akhenaten's daughter, who gave her name via Southern France, Ireland and then Scotland, to the Scots. Akhenaten was of course Moses), are versus UGLE masons.

PM David Cameron gave his 'visit the four corners' speach.

Also more than ever before, I have never seen so many gold/black and gold masonic rings on display during the run up, during interviews worn by members of all of the parties, even some of the interviewers to, especially the Scottish ones. The politicians are so desperate that they need to 'advertise' their esoteric allegiances and intent. Of course, blue degree masons will note this behaviour, the rings, the phrases, the hint at ritual, yet even they wont know or perhaps not want to admit to the real purpose the real course of events that tptb want to the UK to take.

Problem Reaction = Solution (PRS)?

This General Election is going to be very fragmented and many have mentioned that there could be a multi-party government coalition, a 'new form of federalism'. Whilst I am all for a Gene Roddenberry type of utopia, ultimately, whether our rulers realise it or not, TPTB's form of utopia will be nothing like Startrek.

Hitler was a puppet and not the puppet master, an 'illegitimate' Jew, he was groomed in his local church as a boy and throughout his life he was followed and manipulated, due, in the main, to the fact that TPTB had noted his psychic abilities and his ability to be 'influenced' - the church in his home town went beyond mere esoteric leanings. As well as blackmail, over his ancestry, there could be more issues which relate to his bloodline, a lot more than meets the eye, issues that go beyond the incredible into the realms of the supernatural. I would postulate that Hitler, was descended from the Nephilim. Although that line was somewhat watered down, it was never truly destroyed (contrary to biblical claims). It is well documented that the Thule and the Luminous Lodge of the Vril Society had been contacted by ID/TD and off world entities and their psychic mediums from the late 1800's through to the 1940's had many, 'transmitted' and chanelled detailed technical drawings of the UFO's, flying discs, both inside and out. It is now fairly well known that with the likes of 'Foo-Fighters' and 'Die Glocke' that the Nazis had dedicated much time and effort into creating the craft of their 'masters'. Much of this info and tech went to the Russians and the USA (via Paperclip et al) after the war. It could even be argued that, as with more 'mundane' earthly wars, that, their 'masters' actually built and flew the craft for the Nazis. It is known that Hess escaped to Scotland - when the Nazi plan was failing - so as to broker a peace, yet what is little known is that The Duke of Sutherland was an esotericist of some renown. But I digress, depending on one's religious leanings, the Nephilim were super-human and/or supernatural, the question is were they the offspring of off world aliens or were they TD/ID's or other....perhaps more on that another day. Angels (messengers from above/on high) interbreeding with or genetically manipulating humans, seems to be fact. Within virtually every culture there are myths and legends of aerial battles between the gods, with native Americans it was the 'insect/ant-people' vs the 'lizard/reptilian people', of course Christians believe that Lucifer/Satan is Lord of the Air. The Dogons, who were conversant with the Dog Star et al. (before any other human) replicate the coming of their gods, by drumming ceremonies in caves (so as to replicate the gods' craft or chariots coming down from the heavens), I believe that I am correct in saying that the Dogons were instructed, by their gods, as were the Jews, to circumcise their teenage boys. In certain parts of Africa, eg within a certain valley, on one side of the valley the villagers have AIDS, on the other side of the valley the villagers dont, why, what is the difference between these two tribes? The main difference is that the tribe without AIDS is the tribe whereby all of the men folk are circumcised. This begs lots of questions. I have long thought that Jewish rituals were for a reason, not just to show obedience etc., but they have has practical applications (some of which may now not be appropriate).

There are well documented reports, dating back to the middle-ages and the plague/the Black Death, of strange lights in the sky, strange men in black, with scythes walking through the crops and fields where food was grown. The grim reaper was the original MIB, his image is now universally used as the image of death. There are documented claims that before the plague visited a town, that strange lights, in the sky were seen, comets that could manoeuvre and fly through the air like a bird, and would leave behind them a strange mist that would rain down upon the people and towns - some today would liken such to chem-trails? - then the plague would come.

Sorting the wheat from the chaff? A selective breeding, or more accurately, culling, programme? Nephilm trying to recreate humankind into the dark-lord's image? Or 500,000 million of the elite to survive and go forth and multiply? What was it that the Nazis were trying to achieve? Even with all of the atrocities the Nazis medical knowledge was not destroyed it is being used today, hopefully for good, but who knows. In the X-Files tptb have to cooperate with the 'greys' as they are being held to ransom, perhaps that has always been the way, but instead of greys perhaps it is the dark-lord himself that tptb have willingly or unwillingly struck a bargain with? Wait until we will only be able to buy and sell with the use of implanted 'chips', who will be willing or unwillingly to take up the mark of the beast then? Look to Prof Warwick's (Prof of Cybernetics University of Reading) work on this tech. Of course humanity's 'vibrational' frequency is low, due to bloodline issues, as we all carry the mark of the beast as our default setting (ie we are no longer as 'Adam Kadmon', we are of the material world/realm) seems to be 666. Of course we can redeem ourselves and learn to vibrate at higher frequencies, yet we have a long way to go to learn to vibrate at God's frequency of 144,000 (light).

Suffice to say on Earth, the Silent Planet, everything is inverted and reversed with tainted bloodlines etc. secondary evil, is the evil that men do, primary evil, is the dark-lord himself, Et in Arcadia Ego.....


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