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Originally Posted by positive_forward View Post
Zim is immediately presumed guilty coz ee iz pale skinned. & TM innocent, regardless of all the facts that have come to light.
No he is presumed guilty because he had a gun, is older and bigger and he killed an unarmed person. Simple.

You don't call 911 if you intend to shoot someone & wait around for so long before popping them. No way was this a pre meditated shooting.
I don't belive it was pre meditated, although Zimmermans brother is studying law and his dad is a judge, so I am sure Zimmerman, being the wannabe cop that he is, was aware of which situations he could shoot "those punks who always get away" He started a fight was losing, so he then shot the kid knowing how he could use the law to his advantage. He is a liar. He said Trayvon said "You gonna die tonight". Really , does anyone believe that nonsense. A kid who went to the store to buy skittles for his youngers step brother, suddenly wants to kill somebody a block away from where he is staying. Bullshit.

Zim is Hispanic Mexican Jew mix?
If he was black & TM was white then there would in no way be all this racial hullabaloo about this case.
The racial hullabaloo has nothing to do with the case itself. An older and bigger guy shot and killed an unarmed person. That is the bottom line. Zimmerman initiated the whole incident. All else is really irrelevant.
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