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Originally Posted by greenhulk40 View Post
My wife works with cancer patients and has done for years so she knows a lot more about Life and death than you and Zionist Shill Alex Jones and no I am not on the dole, do you say that to everyone who questions Alex Jones?
Have you ever bought his snakeoil supplements like Athroplex is it better than Viagra?
Ok..... you don't like his position on Israel, I have to agree, I don't like his filthy religion either ... it's called American brainwashing , even AJ couldn't shake this off.

But he's still done more for the truth movement than anyone else.... on the important issues GMO, vaccines , flouride, at the end of the day we can't effect Israel too much, but we can stop our kids becoming Autistic by refusing the vaccines.

I have a bottle of his supper male vitality right here , been taking it for over a year , works spectacularly. Also use beyond tangy tangerine from his store.

Why does it bother you that he sells things like this, waterfilters , and food?

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