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You know my brothra from another mothra. I look at what u do an what I do. I'm left wondering why people. keep coming up with the same old zombie behavor's. Like a endless time loop. I think back to what u said about conclusions. an when i look real history vs the man made bastardization of history.

Swollen Members Fear feat. Snak The Ripper

I take all this in an look at the dream stone topic. An I ask my self. where are those missing nation now Today.

What brought there clasp and disappearing from history. Do you remember there names even your own. No It the same for me.

What brought there clasp and disappearing from history.

Josey Wales - Shootout at the Ranch

What brought there clasp and disappearing from history.

I can actually see why we ask ; where are they now. The reason it was eased. by time in how we looping effect work. In information. an how its manipulated by all parties.

Meaning you and me everyone. and the way it works. on a human level

So we come up with stuff like the land cannot support that amount of people's

But....... That not what level you work in.

There was these guyz in the UK a mythic bunch.... Even the UK can ask's what happen to the Druids. Why did they disappear.

I am left asking my self. Were there any warning sign's.
did any one step up an say ; Malum est pes.

Skys Peace n much love to you n your
A is for Alpha- from where you came.
O is For Omega- to where your going.
I'll slay U l8rz

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