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Originally Posted by derekbuttery View Post
I completely disagree with this, and so, would many of those that died.

They were all fed lies by TPTB to enhance varying situations to create war. Now, please read that I think all war is illegal, immoral and corrupt.

There was no change in the way Engalnd, GB, the UK or europe did anything after the war. THAT is the illusion. Events since WWII for example, are completely orchestrated, planned. (I think you mis-) Quoted Icke, so I'll use his "totalitarian tiptoe" analogy. Small steps of change as to not scare the populace.

If you honestly believe that war is a means to an end, then might I suggest a complete re-think of what you perceive to be the 'truth'.

I have not said anything about the importance of expression. I'm all for it. It's the 'freedom' bit I have issues with. There are no freedoms in the world. As for consciousness, I never mentioned anything regarding this.

You speak of your ancestors having balls to stand up for anything, you quoted Icke. Here's something I think would tie both toggether "One man's saviour is another man's terrorist" - as above so below!!

Your ancestors had no choice (no freedom) other than to go to war. They were ordered to train to kill the 'enemy' (enemy = the bad guys as defined by the elite!!) without question, for King and Country, for God. Bollocks. TPTB needed x to happen so they could begin part ii of plan y.

Nothing to do with freedom for the heirs of their loins.

Here's another, seeing as your partial to quotes and sayings " history belongs to the victor", so how important is history to the losers?

The Peterloo Massacre has nothing to do with war Derek.

It was about workers rights, collective bargaining, working conditions and so on.

I have no idea why you brought war into it ? I wasn't talking about war I was talking about peoples ability to speak either as individuals or as a group.

I have not mis quoted David Icke thank you very much, as the quote comes from the Poem of Shelley called The Masque of Anarchy.
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