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Lightbulb Colonization

X-Files Mythology, Volume 3..
As a rebel alien race secretly attacks several groups of former alien abductees, the agents meet Cassandra Spender , a woman who claims to be a multiple abductee and wants to deliver a positive message about aliens.. Eventually, Mulder has Scully put under hypnosis to learn the truth about her abduction after Cassandra goes missing and her son, Jeffrey Spender, angrily attempts to push his way up in the FBI.. The Syndicate, meanwhile, quicken their tests for the black oil vaccine, sacrificing their own to do so..


Later, the assassination of a chess grandmaster leads Mulder and Scully into an investigation that they soon discover strikes at the heart of the X-Files; they learn that the real target was a telepathic boy named Gibson Praise ..Mulder and Scully later learn of reports of rebel aliens burning doctors who were working on Cassandra.. After finding her, she informs Mulder and Scully that the aliens are here to destroy all life on Earth and that she is a successful alien-human hybrid..Released on September 27, 2005... a dying planet in some distant corner of the universe.. Its natural resources exhausted.. Its inhabitants sterile.. Doomed to extinction.. A situation we may one day find ourselves in, gentlemen..Is this the end or the beginning?. Where does the universe end?. Where does it begin?..
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