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Originally Posted by llogun View Post
After getting rid of my symptoms of cancer i decieded to put a advert in my local paper to help people with cancer to make them aware how you can get cancer and how you can get rid of it. I read the advert out to the person to put in the paper and as soon as i said the word cancer he said i cant use the word cancer. I said why, and he said because it would upset to many people. I said your joking . He said no. I told him that was not the reason why i cant use the word cancer. I told him that people are not meant to know the real truth about cancer and that its all about money.

I thought i would try and get some sponsership from some heath shops where i buy my supplements products from that i buy for cancer so i could put a advert in the paper. Its £55 for a advert. When i read there disclamer on the product that they sell the disclamer is nearly a page long i would not stand a chance getting any sponsership from them.

People are so programed by the people at the top its a brick wall to try and get the info out there. I put a advert in my local shop. The response from some of the people that go in the shop were they think im mad and the only way to get rid of cancer is by having chemo radiation and a operation. Thats why every 4 minuets some one dies in this country of cancer.

Well i will keep trying
Well done for beating it and trying to get the truth out. I found out about the acid / alkali situation quite awhile back after getting acidosis which was pretty scarey. Long story which I won't go into here but luckily I realised what it was straight away and treated it with alot of alkaline food, supplements etc.

The acid / alkaki thing sparked my interest and I later found out how it ties in with the cancer situation. One thing I did find out was that lemon juice from a freshly squeezed lemon is a powerful alkalizer. It sounds strange because it is citric acid but the body rapidly turns it alkaline.

I also remember about hearing about how Cancer does not like an oxygen rich environment as you stated. Do you know anything about taking Hydrogen Peroxide (yeah thats hair bleach to you blondies ) i.e. H2O2 almost the same chemical forumla as water with an extra oxygen molecule. You can get 5% food grade H2O2 and apparently the body breaks it down to water (H2O) with the extra oxygen molecule being used by the body.

Do you know anything about that?
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