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Originally Posted by rodin View Post
Something which permeates space and has no mass.

For instance space we know is riddled with gravity fields, electromagnetic fields, electrostatic fields. All detectable, measurable.

Terminology must be precise if the deceivers are to be kept at bay. Eric Blair knew this more than most.

If I find signs of intelligent life here I will expand upon each item alluded to in the OP and invite informed criticism/comment.

This forum is getting Jew-wise, time it got Jew-science wise also. Start with the industrial killer Alfred Nobel, whose Peace Prizes adorn mass murderers everywhere and Albert 'the bomb' Einstein, the patent clerk who was given media credit for an equation that was never his in the first place, much as the Jews were given Palestine. Big Bang Space Time is a hoax to hide the real reason for high red shifts of large bodies and measured gravitational anomalies like the variation on orbit speed of Earth etc (look up 'ephemeral time' for a real laugh at irrationality posing as logic), because these shifts and anomalies show a separation of inertial and static gravity, exactly the same as the acknowledged separation of inertial and static charge. The difference being a FIELD is created that is much more powerful than the source when the source moves. However it is a high order short range field not obeying the usual inverse square law.

Shall I go on?

you go guy/gal

you referring to 'george orwell" , when u say eric blair?

and well , i think Nobel did regret what he did, but ... too late, he cried!

There are posts on here about Einstein being a wanker, lol.. E =MC2, ha! , he ripped that off.
Everyone who is on the top, the Cream of the Milk, so to speak, that is just what they do , it is natural to them.

Have a ciggie and relax... ( home made rolled is better , of course )

I tell ya what, you are giving too much information at once...

it is a good thing, but pace yourself.

Do a post at a time...

I like your post today , what i just read,

How about, if you broke it down into about 3 or 4 subjects, since some just cant keep up with so much information.

I like it, You go guy/girl

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