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Originally Posted by rodin View Post
There are only three. We defined them length height breadth. Maybe you can consider time a dimension that 3D space translates in. Anything higher is a hoax.

The New Age movement is just Blatavsky multiplied.

The spiritual world does not exist in another 'dimension'. It exists in another field.

Superluminal redshifts blow apart the Big Bang hoax. More likely explanation is inertial gravity.

Special relativity another hoax.

Gravity is a lightspeed force, and the Earth expanded when superdense hydrogen was released from the core. First to about 1.5 today's diameter when dinosaurs roamed, subsequently relaxing to today's size. Old Earth was all continents minus oceans.

Oil is abiotic and unlimited

Global warming is a hoax

All of above JMHO


All of the above are unsupported assertions posted by someone with no real understanding of the subjects s/he is talking about.

Just my humble opinion.
De mortuis nil nisi bonum; of the living speak nothing but evil.

- Heinrich Heine
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