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Originally Posted by elshaper View Post
...and...might I add....
They (strangers) do not laugh at you that he's so and so or that guy who talks about reptilians. They see the message he has given out which is how this world is that right? That is the case with me.
well they know about the idea of reptilians for sure but then again they know about UFO's as well

that's how I all ways bridge that part of the conversation

they know UFO's / aliens are highly likely so whats the big deal about the idea of different dimensions and different species in the different dimensions ?

and anyway it's not only Icke who makes the case for reptilian races on the Earth

did Icke go back in time and tell all these different cultures to make these figurines and art work ? lol

did he go to ancient Japan and tell them to get cracking ?

and then go back to Sumeria in his time machine and tell the Sumerians to start making almost identical figurines and associated mythology ?

Icke is some kind of wizard for doing all of that isn't he ?

music sound and movement

They might drain the swamp but the snakes are still in the grass

It's symbolic of his struggle against reality
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