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Originally Posted by iamawaveofthesea View Post
but i already told you in the thread that there is an old legend and multiple accounts of a grey man on ben macdui in the cairngorms

i also posted a section from a wikipedia page speaking about the ancient woodwose motif which is even in old coats of arms

so that would all predate any recent attempts to 'make money' wouldn't it?
OK, I haven't read those posts yet.

Are those things Bigfoot-type creatures as we commonly understand them, or different beings? The 'grey man' doesn't sound especially Bigfoot-ish.

It would be good to try to begin to narrow down different things to specific conditions, and if no 'Bigfoot' creatures were found in either Hawaii or the British Isles, that would be a good lead.

Unfortunately, there are always hoaxers/assholes/disinfo agents and as soon as they heard that this might be a good lead, they would fake eyewitness accounts anyway.

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