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Originally Posted by oz93666 View Post
I have no western media here , have no coverage of stabbings and bombings , but have just heard people in the west take these seriously... are glued to the TV watching the coverage of the latest event !!!

Snap out of it !.... you literally have more chance of being struck by lightening .

They wan't to focus minds on terror and fear .

Switch of MSM news, and resist the temptation to start a thread every time someone gets stabbed!!
You are lucky not to be bombarded with all this shit.

I do believe people need to be aware and pro-active in the changes we are living in. "know thy enemy" comes to mind.

You took issue with the lovely 'pep talk' video I posted on another thread you saw this as doom and gloom. My intent behind that was to get people to see that they need to start thinking for themselves. That basic skill is being lost through technology and Big brother.

I agree that we should not get caught up in the negativity but we cant bury our heads in the sand. I see with clarity the process going on here. People have been ground down with distractions on a basic survival level, it is being done on many levels, it's all just a distraction. Like David says "Remember who you are" THIS I believe is the crux of the matter. People are being so distracted that they are forgetting them-selves. This needs to change (vibrationally) and in doing so we will put an end to all this shit.
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