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Originally Posted by psquared View Post
We cannot levitate, we do not live forever...far too many dead Masons for that to be true.

I don't posses any "power" other than the power that education and learning provide any other man.

In my lodge we have quite a few men who are not "educated" at the same level of other in terms of Schooling. We have plenty who haven't attended college. I have attended College and don't have the education that some who haven't have. For example, I have no idea how to build a house, but one of my non college educated brothers does know how. Education is more than schooling as I have met plenty who are intelligent beyond their education and plenty who are educated beyond their intelligence.

Power is a relative term. So I am not sure how to explain your question.

As for your second paragraph about the "illuminati"..i agree.
One of the best lines I've read in a while.
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