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Originally Posted by 3lM0h4n View Post --- >The answers to main questions asked by atheists, believers, priests, and people who aspire to find the path of true immortality. Black and White. What is true immortality and how to attain it during one's life without intermediaries? Peculiarities of consciousness' work, its tricks and filters on the spiritual path. Consciousness' branding in the system's incubator. How to become free from the shackles of the system and gain spiritual Love and true happiness. --- >Who are the Grey Men and the Parasites? Why would they exterminate billions of highly skilled people from the Great Tartaria Empire? Why would they destroy the highly advanced Scythian-Tartar-Aryan Civilization present on six continents 150 years ago?

Those two videos are quite cool cuz they have something in common with the homepage , you Will see if your open to it.

"This wold is merely a stage and all those people around me are actors "

Also a quote from Ordo Aurum Solis founding member Shake the pear if Francis liked Bacon.

Had a epiphany some time ago that the "true wife " is in a parallel dimension . So here shes just a reflection , a fractal, a glimpse of vast beauty of creation ,a fresh breeze that you smell and dont know why its so soothing . Basically a trap , which back spelled is a part of the evil we live.And how to break the spell? I would suggest visualize your own AI that shields you against neuro-bio hacking and is in communication with the grid mainframe. A good and useful companion in this time of war we wage :P

Also from jmandalis posts about party's and interviews, i can only say, fighting prince Charles all coked out was hilarious at one of the partys .

So , stay frosty. Everything goes 4 r34l and there a thin line between brilliance and lunacy .

Like a poem says " We cheat Death for our rightful victory. No one can defeat us we are glad to plunge feet first into hell in the knowledge that we will rise "
lol quality insights right here, I will check out those links.
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