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In reply to PeteCookie, please feel free to post any poems you want, whether you wrote them or not..... I would suggest that if you post a poem by someone else, that you include the poet's name underneath the poem. Just for informaton purposes.

I'm just gonna drop these lines on y'all.


I Love thy neighbour!

How much do you love your neighbour?
When the stereo’s loud to hide their rows
do you hate them? Do you think they’re trash?
Walk a mile in their shoes that let the rain in.
Life’s quite hard with wet feet and not enough cash.

I........ Love my neighbour
I love my neighbour but she scares me!
She’s so pretty and I like to be alone
But when I see her
I reconsider
And a different life grows in my mind.
To have a girlfriend.
To have a girlfriend.

This whole world is full of neighbours.
But some of them don’t get on.
"I’m not talking to them!
Cos he broke my spade"
"And their cat poos in the rockery I made"
"And she sings on a Sunday
And it drives me mad"
"And their cooking, oh their cooking, always smells so bad."

But I love my neighbour, she’s so pretty
And when I see her
I know I want her
To be my girlfriend
To be my girlfriend

It’s high time we loved our neighbours
Cos we share more than a fence
And if we love them and they love us
The world makes sense.

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