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As my girlfriend knows im a nutter, and i cant be bothered with pressies,she wrote me a poem on card as a book mark for my birthday, here goes,

I looked to the sky
and what did i see
But a one eyed martian
winking at me

He took me onboard
for a tour of the stars
to visit the moon
and my acre on mars (she bought me an acre for chrimbo)

We travelled through space
for a year and a day
He tried it on once
But i said - hey i aint gay

and so we turned back
after such a long ride
this mission was failed
he'd wanted a bride

I said mr martian
I do love you man
if you were a celeb
id be your biggest fan

But i aint for you
and you aint for me
so drop me off home
in time for my tea.

I howled with laughter, who says you need to spend cash to make someone happy

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