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Default Post a poem thread...

Aye-up forummers... How about having a thread where poems can be posted by forummers without having them falling out of cyberspace and into obscurity on page 12.

If we regularly update this thread with our poems and random lyrical thoughts
then we can have a place to keep track of the poetic talents of the many Icke forum members, through the weeks and months of forum activity.

One of my efforts:


Wheels of history.

It’s the grinding of the wheels of history
The milling of hearts for their blood
The story of demons and kings and their mystery
Where neither side is any much good

The underground stream
Where money runs deep
Drown for your dreams
But the dead don’t sleep

It’s madness only madness
All you need to know
Nut jobs, crack pots, crazies and head cases
All running the show

We are the pawns
All the squares are black
Stop playing games
It’s your world take it back

Do you feel at home?
Or have we got the burglars in?
Do you feel alone?
Cos you’re the only one noticing?

It’s madness only madness
All you need to know
Nut jobs crack pots crazies and head cases
All running the show

Don’t worry, s’just a phase
Of planetary hypnosis
And we live life in a daze
Of mutually induced psychosis.

It doesn’t hurt to make a stand
It doesn’t hurt to pray
And if we take the world in hand
We might all get better some day

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