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Originally Posted by amaralsright View Post
You never did show us those holes.

Oh.. sure you provided a link... but that's as far as you went. You didn't actually want to show us the holes and discuss them.

If there are no insertion holes in the roof of Krema II you can cross hundreds of thousands off the 6 million total.
You could have reproduced anything you liked and said whatever you liked about the paper provided - and were encouraged to do so. After whining for ages I reproduce a link you were too lazy to find yourself, you then made demands as to what I should copy and paste on the thread because you couldn't be arsed. Yet the first time it came up, you just babbled incoherently anyway.

No offence, but I wasted far too much time on you around Christmas.I don't think I'm motivated to do the whole Holocaust debate thing again anyway, but certainly if you're going to start your same asinine games here, you're going straight on ignore. It was funny at the time, but the joke is old now and the comedy value of your village idiot routine has sunk to the level of repeats of Dad's Army.

Edit - since I saw another inane post regarding stuff we've been through before, I have put you on ignore. Just so you are aware. If you learn a new trick, please let me know. PM should work...?

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