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Originally Posted by size_of_light View Post
I'm not the squeamish type but I remember reading it for the first time at my desk at work and I threw up in my own mouth when he detailed the Satanic child abuse. Until then I didn't even know it was possible to think those things let alone do them.
Well I know there were crazies in the world, but the fact they are more likely to doctors, judges, polticians doing this stuff made a huge about of sense after read TBS.

I used to work in a very exlusive private 'Gentlemens' club in Dublin on a wine bar in the resturnat and the majority of the patrons were nearly all psychopaths after a few drinks. They all had that same personality type as the guy in the American Psycho movie. An understated viciousness is the only way I can term it.

I can recall one famous Irish doctor celebrated by the Irish establishment as a noble and wonderful soul when he was drunk telling another elite that he was "sick of looking c**ts which were dragging along the floor and how tasty young fillies are coming to his clinic more often". They both burst out laughing. A day later this guy was on the radio going about about post natal care for pregnant women in this caring and sanctimonious manner.

Reading The Briggest Secret connected a lot of dots in my life which never made sense in the past but do now.

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