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Default I have an issue with David Icke's book cover

Have any of you guys ever been in the awkward situation when a friend or someone spots the cover of the book your currently reading which happens to be David Icke's: The Biggest secret - The book that will change the world.

This has now hapened to me a few times with different people where it is absolutely impossible to not want to take the piss out of the book cover that looks like some some bullshit thats designed to brainwash gullible people in to believing some random crap that written with the sol purpose of 'selling' and making money. I've got to say this is a classic example of don't judge a book by its cover.

How are you ment to get to the ignorant masses if the book cover alone is so fucking hilarious that theres no way anyone could conceive reading the first page. personally I can look past the book cover but this isn't exactly making it easy for the message to get to the people, it's like a shield protecting the book saying : dont read me I am full of shit.
If only people knew that this book really does hold a lot of interesting and very important information.

I don't know I just believe that if they would have left the cover blank I would have been able to grab peoples atention with it a lot easyer, without sounding preachy or nothing you know?

First of all the title, although very truthfull is waaaaay to direct: THE BIGGEST SECRET - THE BOOK THAT WILL CHANGE THE WORLD and writen in massive orange letters that look like they were straight out of Word 97. On the front cover theres gimmicky pics of some politicians that were 'Hot' topics when the book was released. On the back again there is the one liner "THE BLOCKBUSTER OF ALL BLOCKBUSTERS" and a picture of david with the cheesiest grin youver ever
To me these are all the brainwashing tools used in the world today that david actually speaks out against, just doesnt make sence.
Though my best guess is that the cover has nothing to do with david, its probably all down to the editor,
I was just wondering had noticed this?
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