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part 9

Someone who does champion UBI, provided it's done properly, is the British political/environmental activist GEORGE MONBIOT, who received a UN ENVIRONMENTAL PROGRAMME award (GLOBAL 500). Educated at Oxford University, Monbiot worked for the BBC as a radio producer of natural history and environmental programs. He co-founded the anti-capitalist, anti-war political party, RESPECT PARTY (also anti-Zionist, Eurosceptic), though Monbiot himself voted to remain in Europe.

Monbiot was made a visiting fellow at Oxford University by another environmentalist and Warden of Green College, Oxford – SIR CRISPIN TICKELL, a pro-Europe British diplomat. Tickell was a UN Ambassador and worked for the EUROPEAN COMMISSION as Chef de Cabinet (working under the President LORD JENKINS (ROY JENKINS)). Tickell and Al Gore and Richard Branson all served on the MARY ROBINSON FOUNDATION on its' International Advisory Council. Mary Robinson, the ex-President of Ireland, was the UN High Commissioner For Human Rights; IIED chairman; TRILATERAL COMMISSION member; Club Of Budapest member; THE ELDERS member; CLUB DE MADRID President; received from US President Obama the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Other Mary Robinson Foundation council members:-
GRO HARLEM BRUNDTLAND – WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION Director-General; The Elders member; UN FOUNDATION member; chaired the very influential UN backed BRUNDTLAND COMMISSION that eventually led to the UN's Agenda 21.
SIR GORDON CONWAY – Rockefeller Foundation President.
DR. JUDITH RODIN – Rockefeller Foundation President.
JEFFREY SACHS – special adviser to the UN Secretary-Generals KOFI ANNAN and ANTONIO GUTERRES; Director of THE EARTH INSTITUTE; an editor of the UN's WORLD HAPPINESS REPORT, along with the LSE research centre Director BARON LAYARD (Richard Layard).
TIMOTHY WIRTH – inaugural UN FOUNDATION President; worked with Al Gore on environmental issues.
JEFF SKOLL – inaugural "eBay" President; helped produce Al Gore's environmental film "An Inconvenient Truth".
RAY CHAMBERS – chairman of President George Bush's POINTS OF LIGHT FOUNDATION; the UN Secretary-General's Special Envoy for health in AGENDA 2030.
VARTAN GREGORIAN – CARNEGIE CORPORATION OF NEW YORK President; received the Presidential Medal of Freedom from President G.W Bush. Part 9 below.
Part 9 below.

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