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The whole idea of UBI is whacked. The economy is in decline because it's not growing. We're at a stalemate. Its end is destruction:

From the booklet For the Love of Money by Dan Gentry:

John Law (1671-1729) is sometimes called the father of modern banking and modern monetary policies. Bible researcher Rousas Rushdoony, said of him:

Law developed the modern use of paper money, in particular, a paper currency unbacked by either gold or silver. We hear it commonly said today that the American dollar is sound, because it has behind it the wealth and productivity of America...This means a non-convertible currency; it also means a restless society. Such a view of money means that society must forever boom or face collaspse. Because of the inflation of money, the economy moves forward rapidly. But the paper money assumes a potential production; it produces, however, an actual consumption, so that it creates a consuming rather than a producing economy... Its end is destruction.

After showing how this inflationary process destroys the Biblical principle of REST (read Isaiah 57:20:21, as to why the wicked depend upon our present debt-usury system), Rushdoony commented further on Law's dangerous economic policy [rest omitted]
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