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Part 7

As mentioned, the LSE (London School of Economics) hosted a debate on UBI in 2018. The LSE Director in 2018 was Dame MINOUCHE SHAFIK (DBE) who said that UBI "can be part of a solution but is not a panacea". She got publicity from the BBC in 2018 as a guest on the BBC's long running radio series "Desert Island Discs" (BBC Radio 4, Feb 25th 2018). Shafik was previously the WORLD BANK Vice President; ex-IMF Deputy Managing Director under CHRISTINE LAGARDE; BANK OF ENGLAND deputy Governor; chairman of the GCGF (GLOBAL CORPORATE GOVERNANCE FORUM, co-founded by the WORLD BANK and OECD).

Shafik debated UBI in 2018 at the WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM (at Davos) with the likes of Guy Standing and UBI fan STEWART BUTTERFIELD (co-founder of FLICKR, the photo sharing website). In her "Desert Island Discs" interview she discussed the LSE's research project on rethinking the Welfare State: "Beveridge 2.0", launched in Nov 2017. Shafik wants a "social contract" and to "make lifelong learning real", e.g. training vouchers.

"Beveridge 2.0" is named after the famous LSE Director WILLIAM BEVERIDGE whose report laid the foundations of the UK Welfare State and NHS. Beveridge worked with the LSE founders Beatrice and Sidney Webb (Fabians) who made him the LSE Director. Beveridge is credited with enticing the Rockefeller Foundation to fund the LSE. Beveridge belonged to the Eugenics Society. Numerous Fabians supported eugenics, so too the Rockefellers, though Beveridge wasn't a Fabian.

Shafik's former boss at the IMF, Christine Lagarde, speaking on behalf of the IMF, shared Shafik's view that UBI was not a panacea, but the IMF should still consider it. Lagarde proposed in 2017 that India could adopt a UBI scheme by eliminating food and fuel subsidies, and by increasing fuel taxes.

Guy Standing hosted a UBI panel at the prestigious WEB SUMMIT (billed as the largest tech conference in the world) in Lisbon in Nov 2017. Other Speakers at the Summit included the 'Green' ex-Vice President of America AL GORE (pro UBI); music star BONO; physicist STEPHEN HAWKING (pro UBI); the TWITTER co-founder and CEO JACK DORSEY; TESLA co-founder and UBI fan ELON MUSK (played a role in the early development of PAYPAL).

Elon Musk spoke at the 2017 WORLD GOVERNMENT SUMMIT (brings together world leaders in politics and business). He co-founded the AI research company "OpenAI" with UBI supporter SAM ALTMAN, one of the Silicon Valley crowd. Altman was the CEO of Y COMBINATOR ( financial investor/adviser to 'seed companies'), whose co-founders included the creator of the first 'computer worm' on the internet: ROBERT TAPPAN MORRIS, son of a top computer scientist at the NSA and at BELL LABS.

OpenAI backers included the PAYPAL co-founder PETER THIEL and the LINKEDIN co-founder REID HOFFMAN, who both helped FACEBOOK into existence as major investors. Thiel (Facebook board member and Bilderberger) co-founded PALANTIR TECHNOLOGIES, whose early financial backers included the CIA's investment arm IN-Q-TEL. Hoffman (Bilderberger and CFR member) was on Paypal's original board of directors and became Paypal's COO. Hoffman – MICROSOFT board member; Honorary Commander of the Order of the British Empire; named by US President Obama as a Presidential Ambassador for Global Entrepreneurship. Part 8 below.

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