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Originally Posted by cosmicpurpose1.618 View Post

• Colloidal Silver (in extreme moderation)

If your going to make colloidal silver with outdated theories and obsolete technology, of course your dosage will have side effects.

Particle Science Theories where variable sized marbles constitute matter has done nothing but degrade and destroy all that it touches. Take a look at the world around you.

Field Science, where everything is the Light, or 'think in terms if energy, frequency and vibration" said Tesla, has upgraded the production of Silver water into an Elixir. Drinking tiny pieces of electrically degraded silver and then arguing as to the ppm and particle size in a never ending debate about 'mine is better than yours' is sooo last millennium.

The SilverJoe Cell uses advanced Magnetics to Generate a Magnetic Field around 4 silver rods to literally 'transmute' the water into silver. This improved production method has no LD50 or minimum dosage. The added benefit is that the water becomes magnetic or has inducted within the vessel of water a BIO Magnetic Charge for enhanced Bio activity like better immune system functioning. Plus the added benefit of the Frequency of silver. Its based on the same Field Science that has seen 15,000 Aqua Chi Bio Field Generators sold in the last 20 years and 10,000 BEFE or Bio Electric Field Enhancements units, both of which have treated upwards of million people.

Beware cheap (footbath) copies as they are based upon 'particle Theories'
If its not the 7 ringed array you are being ripped off with bad outdated science.
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