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It’s easy to see that gatekeeping works kind of like this: the big lie in the castle itself has to be protected as much as possible. You have a bunch of walls around it with gates and the Official Fairy Tale outside the walls altogether.

Each wall that you have to get through to get closer to the big lie (the truth for you is discovering this big lie) has a gate somewhere but you need to locate it and also have the key to get through. Not everyone starts outside the walls. Some people, due to intelligence or circumstance or former experience are inside some of the walls already. The perps know this and have agents and propaganda both in place to keep the smart-asses at each stage occupied.

By putting their own gatekeepers in at each stage, they make sure the leaders of the truth movement stay in line (within the pre-set dialectic or propaganda memes spread). As long as the few leaders are kept in line or think they discovered the memes they were actually subtly fed on their own and get to stroke their egos in the process, the numerically much larger followers (still a small percentage of the general population) get herded behind them.

In order to keep the smarter leaders from guessing what’s going on and maintain conspiracy ‘street cred,’ they will regularly do limited hangouts of certain truths, float newer and somewhat bolder memes, in order to keep more important truths hidden. The degree of the hangout is dependent on the level of sophistication they are trying to dupe and a hang-out done far inside the castle walls will not even be understood by those still stuck in the outer walls. They won’t have any idea what’s being hidden by the new illumination.

Each big lie also has a special key that will tend to open all the gates at once and literally put you right outside the main castle door and litmus tests that will clear most of the gatekeepers out of your way. There are also super keys that will open many doors at once in multiple big lies simultaneously.

One of the “super keys” is recognizing the technique of manufacturing false realities through media fakery, the other is discovering the reality of Jew-owned media and a Zionist-Occupied-Government funded by International-Jew-banking usury and legalized counterfeiting hidden behind and giving orders to the Freemasons (Judaism for Gentiles), Build-a-Burgers, the Vatican, the Jesuits and all the rest. These two super keys together will open more doors in more big lies simultaneously than any other. Only ONE of the keys by itself will cut your results in half. Those who promote only one of these keys and not the other are engaged in a form of witting or unwitting shilling and obfuscation or cutting the results of their followers in half.

September Clues – (2008) – Simon Shack

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